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fanfic by teh suz.

get lost, hood!

this is what happens when suzanami fics.
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my Eureka seveN drabbles100 table!

my Fuu/Ferio drabbles100 table!

♥ fanfiction by suzanami.

♥ comments are LOVE. please leave feedback in a comment. anonymous is totally fine (though if you're from tumblr/FFnet/AO3 or something, do lmk who you are!)

♥ if you wish you use/archive one of my fics somewhere, please ask me first. i promise i won't bite, and i want to know where my work is going.

♥ i mostly write for Magic Knight Rayearth (Fuu/Ferio is my otp to end all otps) but occasionally dabble in other fandoms; skim my interests to get an idea of what i might be writing. <3

suzanami > personal LJ
withextrahappy > sister fic journal (many same fandoms)
starcrossedsins > another sister fic journal (E7)
starstaindsky > yet another sister journal (MKR)
outsidersfic > what it says
mkr_drabbles > short rayearth fic! my FAVORITE.
e7fanfiction > a gathering of Eureka seveN fic. <333

fuu/ferio is love
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