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Title: So Much for Secrets Prompt: #35 - Sixth Sense Rating:… - fanfic by teh suz. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
this is what happens when suzanami fics.

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[May. 13th, 2013|11:58 pm]
this is what happens when suzanami fics.


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Title: So Much for Secrets
Prompt: #35 - Sixth Sense
Rating: PG-13, for talk of sex and girly problems
Wordcount: 1,243
Characters: Fuu, Ferio, Umi, Caldina.
NOTES!: Well, this escalated quickly.  Hikaru was supposed to be here but it didn't end up happening?

For Fuu/Ferio Week, day one: "secret".

It was over two months before anyone found out.

Fuu was worried that Ferio would spill the status of their newfound intimacy over cards with the guys, but he assured her that he didn't want any ribbing from them any more than Fuu wanted any from Hikaru and Umi (well, mostly Umi). They weren't sure exactly why they were keeping it such a secret; it was over a year since Cephiro was reestablished by the Knights and Fuu saw Ferio every weekend. Frankly, she was surprised she had waited this long; half the palace probably assumed they'd become intimate a long time ago. And now she was nearly scolding herself for missing out on this for so long. Whenever they were able to sneak away for an hour, it was up to Ferio's quarters they went.

Fuu couldn't believe that Caldina's other-people's-business radar hadn't picked up on it yet. There was no way she'd miss out on teasing Fuu if she had any idea. Maybe she'd long since assumed that they'd “been bumping 'em” (as she put it), and didn't think it was worth teasing Fuu over? No, probably not. Umi had a pretty good radar too, but no one could rival Caldina's natural gift.

She was just surprised no one had picked up on it sooner. Fuu and Ferio were both beet-red around everyone else for days after the first time (one a bit moreso than the other, of course). They could barely kiss to greet each other without passing out, mortified that someone had caught on and was just waiting to make fun of them in front of everybody. But no, a visit went by, then two, then three. All with at least one lovemaking session (some with more). And no one seemed to notice. A month went by, then two, and Fuu was starting to think that perhaps she should tell Hikaru and Umi since it was “a thing” now.

She didn't get a chance.

Her hands were shaking. Umi was knocking on the door, asking why Fuu'd been in there so long and she really had to pee, c'mon. Fuu took a deep breath and fumbled her handkerchief out of her pocket, stuffing it into her panties before opening the door with a smile.

Umi didn't buy it for a second. “Fuu, you're really pale.”

“I'm fine,” Fuu smiled.

“Liar,” Umi replied, gesturing to Fuu's wringing hands.

Fuu shoved her hands behind her back. “I'm just having a bit of lady trouble. It's nothing.”

“Lady trouble?” She heard Caldina's voice from around the door. “Fuu, honey, we're all ladies here. No need for those polite euphemisms and all.”

Fuu's swallowed. “It's-it is just a bit of spotting between my monthlies, that's all. Nothing alarming.”

“Then why do you look like that?” Caldina peeked around the door. “Happens to everyone.”

“Not me,” Umi snorted.

“You want a medal?” Caldina groused.

“I'm just... just concerned because of recent changes in–”

“Oh my god,” Caldina shrieked. Fuu nearly jumped out of her skin, grasping her chest. “You did it, you've been doing it.”

“Caldina-san, that's–”

“Umi, you lose. Pay up.”

“Wait just one moment–”

“Ohh, no,” Umi growled. “Nope nope, the deal was before the school year ended.”

“Y'all are still in school.”

“Yes, but there are breaks in between and we're starting a new grade next year. The year's ended. You lost. Stop being a sore sport about it.” Umi folded her arms over her chest, looking smug.

“I'm no sore sport.”

“Ah, speaking of sore...?”

Umi and Caldina's argument was quickly forgotten as Fuu spoke up. Their attention was suddenly very focused on her. Are you using enough lubrication? He's doing it right, isn't he? I'll deck him if he's not. How long have you been spotting?

Their questions were hammering in her ears and she held up her hands. “Just now, it began just now. We've been intimate about sixteen times now and this is the first time this has happened to me...”

Umi raised an eyebrow and grinned that grin. “Keeping track, eh?”

Fuu turned a unique shade of red. “It-it was... it was a bit... a bit... rougher than usual this morning.” She had never so wanted to dig a hole in the floor and climb inside.

Umi elbowed her in the ribs and Caldina made an unnecessary whooping sound.

“Wait a sec,” Umi said. “So many times? You never told me!” She made a theatrically angry expression but actually looked a bit hurt.

“Don't be so surprised, Umi.” Caldina rolled her eyes. “You know Miss Fuu's a private, reserved person.”

“But I'm her best friend!”

Caldina waved a hand, hugging Fuu from the side. “Maybe Fuu liked having this little secret. Huh, sugar?” Fuu dipped her head low, letting her curls hide her face.

“Seriously though, Fuu,” Umi said. “It's normal. Just be careful for a few days and if it doesn't go away, see a doctor. You're fine.”

“Aah, but we were supposed to have a date tonight,” Fuu moaned, more disappointed now than embarrassed.

“Oh, so that's why you're not coming to the passat game this evening,” Caldina said. “Say no more, say no more. Just be careful and have fun, darling.”

- - - - -

Fuu was sure that most of the palace would know about the status of her love life within about a week. (Caldina's love for a friend had no correlation with her passion for gossip.) She didn't really mind people knowing, it just embarrassed her that people seemed to care at all.

She entered Ferio's quarters without knocking (he told her not to bother anymore) to find it empty. Soon she realized he was out on the balcony. She kicked off her shoes and blazer before walking across the room, making sure to push the door shut loudly enough that he turned around. He grinned, motioning for her to join him outside.

He wasted no time in sweeping her into his arms and kissing her wildly until she saw stars. Breathing heavily, she leaned back, her stomach doing flip-flops even after all the times he'd kissed her. “What's wrong, love?” he murmured. “Was it that bad?”

Laughing nervously, she stepped back and held his hands in hers. “Umi-san and Caldina-san are aware of our recent activity,” she said, smiling bashfully. “I'm afraid they found out.”

“Well, damn, it was bound to come out sooner or later,” Ferio shrugged. “They weasel it out of you? Find your potions?”

“They aren't potions, they're pills,” Fuu sighed. And she briefly explained what had happened that afternoon, assuring him that she was probably just fine, but of course he began to fret.

“Fuu, Fuu love, I'm so sorry. I never thought–”

She silenced him with a light kiss. “I'm not upset with you at all.” She peered up at him, blushing. “It was worth it.”

He grinned for a moment in reply, then frowned again. “I guess that means our plans for tonight change?”

“Well...” She tipped her head, smiling coyly. “Maybe a little. We have several options, as you're aware.”

Ferio's grin returned to his face. “Whatever you want, love. I'll be there.”