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Title: Untitled Prompt: #34 - Not Enough Rating: PG-13, for swears… - fanfic by teh suz. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
this is what happens when suzanami fics.

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[Mar. 30th, 2013|12:16 am]
this is what happens when suzanami fics.


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Title: Untitled
Prompt: #34 - Not Enough
Rating: PG-13, for swears
Wordcount: 1,258
Characters: Fuu, Ferio
NOTES!: Del wanted to see Ferio having a horrible fight with tearful apologies. Um, the apology didn't end up tearful but I hope it's still acceptable. VERY MUCH FLASHFIC.

“It is not funny!”

“Shit, Fuu, stop always being such a stick-in-the mud.” Ferio shrugged dismissively in her direction.

She turned on her heel, walking hard to the other side of the room. She held her arms straight down at her sides, her hands balled into little fists. They were shaking.

“What, now you're gonna pout?”

“I am not pouting.”

Ferio leaned against the wall, rolling his eyes. “Yes, you are. Just like always. Like a kid.”

“What are you suggesting?” She glared at him over her shoulder.

“It was a joke. You're overreacting in your usual immature way.”

“You're horrible!” Her voice was raised in a way that rarely happened. Her hands were still balled into fists and she was very nearly waving them around. “I am not overreacting.”

“Gimme a break.”

She started to say something then snapped her mouth shut instead. She stomped her foot, grunting in frustration.

“You're totally having a tantrum,” he said, crossing his arms. “Like a baby.”

“No!” She was yelling now. “No, I am not a baby! You are a horrible man who cares about no one but yourself!”

“Nobody but myself, huh?” He narrowed his eyes. “Is that why I saved your ass so many times when you were being chased by minions? Or kidnapped?”

“How dare you bring up Fahren,” she said, her voice suddenly much quieter. “I was quite taking care of myself at that time. I did not need your assistance. I allowed you 'save' me because you wanted so badly to and because for some inexplicable reason, I found you rather dashing.”

“Yeah, sure, you're so strong,” he mocked, waving his fingers. “I forgot, you're a fancy legendary Magic Knight.”

Fuu felt like she'd been slapped. “I never asked to be made into a killer,” she shot.

That cut Ferio. “Don't you dare bring Emeraude into this.”

“Yet you can mock my title and the pain that it has caused me? I cried every day for a year.”

“She wasn't your fucking sister! How'd you like it if you lost your sister, huh?”

Fuu whirled around, kicking the bedpost. A cold rush of air blew across the room, almost shaking it. “My family does not concern you! I am not from a strange fantasy world with magic and floating islands and princes who are too lazy to sign their name a few times per day.”

Ferio had been stunned by her outburst of magic, but her jabs brought him back to the argument. “No,” he said coldly, striding over to her. He loomed over her. “No, Fuu. You are the weird one with weird clothes and weird habits and a weird world that you come from.” He jabbed his finger at his chest. “I'm normal here. You're the odd one out here, missy. You wanna be normal? Go home.”

Tears falling from her eyes, she kicked him in the shin and ran into the closet. Another cold gust from the slamming door knocked over a vase, smashing it on the floor. Ferio bit his tongue hard, holding back a rather unpleasant insult that related to her anatomy. Instead he opted to storm out of his quarters, even more pissed off upon finding that he couldn't slam a door as well as Fuu. Fucking magic-users.

He avoided his room for hours, seething. He thought about using his angry energy to get that paperwork done, but no, he wouldn't give her the satisfaction. She always manipulated him into doing things. He stalked around the castle but when people kept prying into why he was in such a bad mood, he stormed out to the gardens. But no, he'd spent too much pleasant time with Fuu in the gardens.

She was such a brat sometimes. Usually he secretly found it charming but she was being completely irrational today, over a stupid joke.

Night fell and he grew tired of lurking around doing nothing. He had barely calmed down yet. His sword was in his room. Maybe sparring would work off this energy. If no one wanted to spar with him, he could at least cut some things.

He shouldered his door open roughly, walking hard over to where his sword leaned in the corner. But he paused, glancing towards the bed.

Fuu was lying on the very edge, her feet dangling over the side towards the window. They swung back and forth leisurely, never long enough to touch the floor. She was on her back, her forearms slightly raised, her hands seeming to cup nothing. He looked closer. Her fingers were moving slowly. He could just barely see the currents of air whirling and weaving around her hands.

He stood there for a moment. Finally she let the wind go and it made a soft whooshing sound. She pushed herself up, twisting to look at him. “That took you a very long time.”

“I'm not done being mad yet. I'm just here for my sword.”

“Mm.” She looked out the window where the sky was turning from red to purple.

“Anyway, you should probably sleep with Umi and Hikaru tonight.”

“That wouldn't be too weird of me?” Her hands fisted in the covers.

His words came flooding back to him and he suddenly felt very embarrassed. They'd sounded really good at the time. He considered leaving again. It was the most tempting option, but it was the wrong one. He walked over to the bed, standing in front of her. “You said some mean shit, too.” That was not quite as smooth as he'd hoped.

She smiled up at him, that sad, resigned smile that he hated. Why did she smile so often when she was sad?  There were tears shimmering in her eyes. She tried too hard. “I am strange, though,” she said. “I am a girl who likes video games too much and studies computer programming and eats poisonous fish and says odd things at odd moments. I don't know why you like me.”

“Oh, cut it out,” he sighed, kneeling in front of her and resting his hands on her knees. “I think you're spectacular and you damn well know it.”

She glanced at the ceiling. “I'm aware of that. I just wanted to hear you say it.”

He chuckled, shaking his head. “You...” Before Fuu could look at him again he'd pressed her to the bed, his hands pinning her hers over her head and twining their fingers together. “You picked a fight just to get me to apologize, didn't you?”

She giggled. “Well, it started that way. But when I realized you really did think I was being a child, I got quite upset.” She smiled impishly. “I like when you apologize.”

“Hmm, what, the hand-holding?”


“And all the words about how wonderful you are?”

“That, too.”

“And the warm embraces?” His mouth found her ear.

“Of course.”

“And then I kiss you?”

She stopped him, having freed a hand to press to his mouth. “Ferio, you were a bit meaner than usual.”

“It's true.”

“I was, as well.”

“Very true.”

“I do not think a kiss is sufficient apology, do you?”

He grinned, raising an eyebrow. “You're such a fucking sneak, Fuu Hououji.


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